How it all happens?

First of all, we meet for a pre-session consultation, where we  talk through what you have in mind for your session and what is needed to make that happen. Day of the session starts with an outfit planning, followed by initial hair and makeup. Then we will gradually move through all the outfits/sets, usually starting with something more comfortable/covered, leaving the more undressed/nude sets for the later in the day.  By that time you will feel on top of the world and will have lost most, if not all, of the shyness.

8-10 weeks after your photo session you will be invited back to the studio for in-person viewing appointment, where you will get to see all the beautiful images from your session and make your selections.


I am an everyday woman, not a model. I am longer/shorter/curvier/older/not that beautiful/not that confident/etc. Will I still look good in the photographs? 

Women I photograph are everyday women just like me and you. However, the very big difference is that I do not believe there is such a thing as an ordinary woman. We have moved the mountains, cried the rivers,  lived through all sorts of both encouraging and devastating experiences and we still rise and we still give so much love to the world around us - how can a person like that be considered an ordinary one? And I believe it shows in the way I have photographed other women and it will show in your photographs as well - a no ordinary woman. A fierce woman. A confident woman. 


I do not know how to pose and always feel stiff and awkward in front of the camera. How will I survive the session?

Well, I sure know how stupid and inappropriate that feels when you stand in the middle of the room and the photographer says "Do something". Rest assured nothing like that will happen to you as I will fully guide you through all the posing - you will just mirror me and off we will flow. I have several years of experience in posing women, so I will know what to do and how to position you till the very fingertips. You also have to know that Koshumm is a non-judgemental environment where we celebrate you for who you are and do our best to support, encourage and lift you up. The first few minutes of nervousness will pass and you will absolutely enjoy the rest of the session with ease and excitement.


Where do the sessions take place?

Our sessions take place in a fully comfortable studio with all the necessary amenities. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and beautiful all year round. We offer water/tea/coffee and some light snacks so you can enjoy the process and not think of anything else. 


Do you offer hair&makeup?

Yes, the hair&makeup artist will be present during the whole session to make sure you always look amazing and to make some adjustments in both makeup and hair while we move through the outfits&looks.


How many looks can we do in one session?

Usually it is 4-5 different outfits with adjustments in hair&makeup as well, if necessary. 


How long does the session take?

You should expect to spend around 4-5 hours in the studio.  It sounds like a lot of time, but believe me - it will just fly and we will be done before you know it. We highly suggest you plan some nice additional activities afterwards. Dinner with a partner, wine o'clock with your girlfriends or a walk on a beach - whatever it is that would prolongate the "walking on clouds" feeling for you. 


How do I choose the outfits for the session?

We will discuss the outfits during our pre-session consultation and what the best choices would be will largely depend on your vision and needs. If you suffer from the good old problem of all women of all times called "I have nothing to wear", you can always opt to just come in and make use of the studio wardrobe. If you would like to elevate this portrait experience even further, we suggest you add services of the professional stylist to your session.


How much should I expect to spend on my photographs?

The base package costs EUR 1750 (incl. VAT) and includes your day at the studio together with hair&makeup application, fully guided photo session (4-5 outfits) and 15 delicately hand retouched and printed images in a beautiful folio box. In case your session turned out better than expected (and they have the tendency to do so), you can always opt to upgrade the package or add on other products like wall art/prints/digital files at your viewing appointment. 



Do you photograph men?

No, I do not. I feel like everyone should do what they are best at and women is my field of expertise, for sure. 


Do you photograph families?

Yes, I will do an occasional family photo session for our clients in the style and manner that is comprehensive with our portfolio. We treat girls the same way as their moms and offer a light makeup and hairdo for them as well. * Additional charges may apply depending on the number of people. **No children under age of 7, though. 


Will you publish my images on your social accounts? 

Of course we will, but only in case we have your clear permission on that! More often than not our clients love seeing them featured in our Instagram/Facebook account, website, photography competitions or any printed materials. I mean, who doesn't like a spare compliment or two (or 20?)? However, the main idea is to share a part of your personality and provide the encouragement to other women to celebrate their femininity and confidence.